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Maze Rules:

1. Thou shalt not bring animals, outside food/drink, alcohol, drugs, or firearms onto the premises.


2. Thou shalt not smoke or have any open flame in or near the corn.


3. Thou shalt not use any foul or perverse language.
4. Thou shalt not litter.
5. Thou shalt be respectful towards others.
6. Thou shalt not run through the corn maze.
7. Thou shalt not murder  the corn.
8. Thou shalt not throw the corn.
9. Thou shalt  be accompanied by an adult if under the age of 12.


10. Thou shalt have fun.
These rules are for your safety and to insure the enjoyment of everyone at the corn maze. If any of these rules are broken you will be escorted off the premises immediately. Adults are held responsible for all children in their group under the age of 12.

*We will not be held liable for any items stolen or damaged at our corn maze. You participate in activities at your own discretion.




Release Waiver

For all our visitor's safety, we require every participant in the horseback riding to submit a release waiver before riding.

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Axe-Throwing Waiver

So all our visitor have a fun a safe time at the corn maze, we require all participants in the Axe-throwing booths submit a waiver.

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